Nashville Senior Photographer | Kate

Wilson Central High School | Kate

  Well, today is the last day to register for ends my Senior Week.  It was awesome, and I'll let you know this week if you won.  Yay!

  While you're waiting, take a look at Kate, a sophomore at Wilson Central High School.  She's into all kinds of good things:  Yearbook, writing and designing, and BETA Club.  Of course she's smart!  :)  I'm so glad she became part of my model team this year.  She even brought her best friend with her, who was also super sweet.  While learning about Kate, I found out one important thing.  Something that trumps all of it:  She's kind and wants to spread it.  I love that!  She plans to become a veterinarian and she also loves photography, just like me!  

If you want to know more about the Kindness Club that Kate represents, click below.

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