Lebanon, TN Photographer | Cap and Gown Mini Sessions

You’re Graduating!

Seniors, what a fun, exciting, and busy time. This is last minute because that’s how I roll. Some of you just got that cap and gown. It’s getting real. Your graduation day is going to be busy, so I’m offering special cap and gown mini sessions beforehand. You need to get these pictures anyway, and it’s so nice to get professional pictures before the rush of the day.

Just meet me Saturday, and we’ll take a few pictures. It won’t take long. You’ll get 3 digital files that you can print up to 8x10. Easy and done. Your parents won’t have to stress about it. Cost is $50. That’s it. When you book, I’ll get you the time and place information. Class of 2019!!!

Nashville, TN Photographer | Downtown Lebanon, TN

Casey / Class of 2019

Meet Casey. Senior at Lebanon High School. He is so talented. I saw him in a Christmas performance and I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to see where his acting and singing take him. We had good time walking around downtown looking for good spots on this day. Of course, I had to get one with the phone. Casey is my daughter’s age, and I have known him since he was little, so it’s bittersweet thinking about him and this class of seniors going to college. They’ve got a special place with me, and I know he will be successful in all he does. Everyone can see it. Good luck, Casey!