Middle Tn Senior Photographer | Lebanon High School | Amber

   Amber's Ready to Graduate


    Oh, my gosh!  These seniors that I have known since they were little are killing me with their graduations!  How does it go so fast?  I just thought there was more time. What happened to that little girl in the gymnastics uniform not too long ago?  

     Well, Lebanon High School is losing Amber, BUT Cumberland University will gain her in the fall.  She loves hanging with friends, Alabama football, and working at Chic-fil-a.  You might also see her at the Roxy or with her Youth Group at church.  She has so much ahead of her, and I know she'll do great...pretty, too! ;)

     We went to downtown Lebanon for her senior portraits, and then to the Mitchell House on Castle Heights campus. Good choices!  Two of my favorite places.