Lebanon, TN Photographer | Wilson County Fair

First of all, obviously this is a summer throwback. I just can’t resist catching up with my blogging with these two cuties. Photographing sisters at their best is awesome. I hope they get along this well at home, and always stay close. It was almost dark this night at the Wilson County Fair, which made all the colors so pretty. You girls are too cute, with equally beautiful personalities!

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Lebanon, TN Photographer | Wilson County Fair

Sisters at the Fair

Now, I know that it’s cold outside and it’s January, and we're hoping for snow and all (well, some of us), but I couldn’t resist posting these summer fair pictures when I came across them again. The colors and these girls just make me happy! These two are sweet AND cute; so glad they did this with me. I love each season as it comes, and even though I’m eagerly watching the forecast for snow this week, I’m also waiting patiently for the warmer weather and definitely the longer days.

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Lebanon, TN Photographer | Walter J. Baird Middle School

The Enough Group

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this yet! It’s so important. These girls have started “The Enough Group” at Walter J. Baird Middle School. They want to show you that you are enough. Acts of kindness, kind words, and affirmation are what they spread. Middle school is hard. What can you do to be kind?

Thanks to Iddy and Oscar’s Give Back Boutique for the cool clothes. This was too fun!

Nashville Photographer | Wilson County Fair

Isabella is 16!


         You don't realize how fast time flies until it's already gone.  I've know this girl for a while now, and she has grown up to be so beautiful and sweet...and a little silly, too, which is always a good thing.  For her sweet 16 pictures we went to the fair while it was here in town.  Luckily she has a brave and outgoing mom who asked to get into booths, sit on rides, stand by vendors...It was SO funny, and guess what?  Everyone said YES.  I loved it!  So here you'll see her eating free ice cream, being silly with the civil war reenactment guy, sitting on kiddie rides, holding a GIANT panda... I love when I see girls being adventurous.  Thanks for the experience, Isabella, and I know year 16 will be the best one yet!

For more about the Wilson County Fair, click HERE

FCS, where she goes to school

Also check out her parents REALLY cool business, Fire Pit Art HERE .  (Lots of pics done by me!)  :) :)

Nashville Photographer | Lebanon, Tn


  When Joy Pine from Iddy and Oscar's asked me to help her with some ways to spread love and kindness, I totally jumped on it!  This is the second photo shoot we have done, and I think she's a genius!  The first one was #theempoweringproject with women ages 18-28.  This one is #thekindnesscampaign with middle school girls.

   These girls were nominated for their kind hearts by teachers and friends at their schools here in our county.  What an honor! The "Enough Group"  From Walter J. Baird Middle School inspired us to do this photo shoot. It's made up of girls in 6-8th grade who are trying to emphasize "you are enough".  They empower each other and the students at their school with acts of kindness.  This is HUGE!  I'm so proud of these girls for standing out in a world that isn't always so nice.  Keep it up!  Be positive.  Be kind. Let them inspire YOU.

Lebanon Tn Photographer | On the Square

Kayla's 13!

      So I have been taking Kayla's yearly pictures for a couple of years now, and I'm so glad she found me to do it!  I love those tween years before real life sets in.  Kayla is one of the most confident, happy girls I've met yet...and so cute, too!  She's into dance and her friends.  The funny thing is we have the same size feet!  Haha, I won't tell you what that is, but it makes me smile 'cuz we're both kinda on the short side.  Love it, Kayla!  We went down to the Lebanon square to do her photo session.  We always have the best time, and she is gorgeous.  Scroll down to see some of her smiling and laughing. Those are the ones I like best, although she's pretty great in all of them.



Feel like your tween needs a little happiness?  Click here for an article with some great tips.

Nashville Teen Portraits | Jett

Lebanon TN | My Nephew Jett


   Meet Jett.  Class of 2022. :)  Is that right?  Aw, I can't believe it.  He's already this old.  Jett's from Kansas, so each summer when he comes to visit I get to take his birthday pictures...and he loves it...well, his mom loves it anyway.  Haha.  He actually is very photogenic and always does a great job.  As you can see he loves baseball.  They drove here from visiting in Kentucky to have his pictures done in downtown Lebanon and on one of our middle school's baseball fields (shout-out to my hubby).  We love acting silly with these pictures, and we brought all my crew along to make him smile, which they did.  This first one cracks me up.  Maybe you can see what a lady's man he'll be in a few years.



Nashville Tween Photographer | Wilson County Fair

Fair Mini Session | Winfree Family

       Meet the Winfrees. These guys were so fun.  Check out the "Kiss" picture!  I love Fair sessions.  The Wilson County Fair is one of the best, and I can always count on awesome vendors and rides to give me those fab colors in pictures.  We had good  weather this year for the most part, and I'm already looking forward to it next year!  




Nashville Middle Tn Teen Photographer | Sunflower Field Murfreesboro, TN

Blooming Sunflowers


   I cannot believe I've missed this for the past couple of years!  Batey Farms in Murfreesboro, tn has the most beautiful sunflowers.  I used to do mini sessions every summer until I had no field anymore.  Hallelujah, now I've found another one!  

       SO thank you to these three for coming out at the last minute, because that's how I roll apparently.  They have grown so much since the last time I photographed them at the Wilson County Fair.  I loved the way they grabbed each other's hands when I asked them to.  Sort of like they are friends as well as siblings.  You weren't pretending about that, right y'all?  haha.  I definitely know how that is with my three.  It was hot as blazes this night, but they did great.  I love when teenagers do exactly as I say without any lip.  Not quite used to it!  Seriously Jillian, Riley, and Grant, these turned out fabulous.  Thanks for helping me out with my picture-taking obsession.

         Anyone who is ever in Murfreesboro, check out Batey Farms.  Not only do they have gobs and gobs of sunflowers, they have fresh picked tomatoes, corn, jams, and even really good peach ice cream.  Lucy and I tried it.  Scroll down to see the pictures, and next year YOU come on out.



Nashville Middle tn Teen | Lucy

Lucy's 16

    First off, I know everybody tells you your kids grow up too fast.  People, it's really true.  You don't REALLY think about it until it happens.  I can't believe how fast 16 years have gone by.  As Lucy says, "Mom, it could be way worse." ...this is so true.  I'm very thankful for what a good kid she is.  I just sometimes have to overlook the eye rolling.

    So we tried to go to all of her favorite places for her 16-year-old session. Of course we had to start with Starbucks. Isn't that every teenager's (and 45 year old's) favorite place?  I have to admit I love it, too.  I don't know what the employee's there thought of us with the big camera, but we had a great time acting goofy; trying to be inconspicuous.

     Next stop was downtown Lebanon.  Once again, we were probably in a place that was a little off limits, but hey, we are adventurous.  I always pass the place where the creek is dried up under the bridge and wonder what kind of light is over there.  Now I know thanks to my guinea pig, Lucy.   We did it, and it was all legal, so now I have a new place to take pics!  ;)  We did go to the normal places down there, too.  

         Our last stop was our church.  We literally ran around that place, as you can see from the pic.  What a goofball. That's my L.  Hopefully this year won't go by as fast as the last 16, but I'm thinking that's just not gonna happen.  I'm too proud of who my girl is becoming, and even though it's a little sad, I'm looking forward to knowing where she'll go and who she'll be.

Oh, and here's a link to her favorite drink.

iced caramel macchiato

Middle Tn Senior Photographer | Lebanon High School | Amber

   Amber's Ready to Graduate


    Oh, my gosh!  These seniors that I have known since they were little are killing me with their graduations!  How does it go so fast?  I just thought there was more time. What happened to that little girl in the gymnastics uniform not too long ago?  

     Well, Lebanon High School is losing Amber, BUT Cumberland University will gain her in the fall.  She loves hanging with friends, Alabama football, and working at Chic-fil-a.  You might also see her at the Roxy or with her Youth Group at church.  She has so much ahead of her, and I know she'll do great...pretty, too! ;)

     We went to downtown Lebanon for her senior portraits, and then to the Mitchell House on Castle Heights campus. Good choices!  Two of my favorite places.




Nashville Tn | Tween | Kayla

       The End of Tweendom


        What is that?  Tweendom?  It's the ages between about 9 and 13.  You remember.  That time when you were trying to figure out where you fit...getting used to a new you.  it wasn't all that pleasant for all of us, either! Fortunately I have good memories of being a tween. Happy school experiences (mostly), and good friends.  I think I was lucky...like this girl!

        Kayla is on the brink of being a teenager.  12 can sometimes be a difficult age.  Not for her, though.  She's super sweet, confident, and smiles easily.  I hope she'll come back to me for her 13 year old session.  A beginning to the teenage years...whole different ballgame!  ;)






Did I mention she's into dance?  She's such a cutie.

Did I mention she's into dance?  She's such a cutie.

...And she gets along with her mom.

...And she gets along with her mom.

Thanks, Kayla, for allowing me to document this time in your life.  I think you are doing great with the 'tween' thing!

Middle TN|Senior Photographer|Emma

Emma's Senior Portraits...with Goats

       Emma decided to have her shoot in Downtown Lebanon, tn AND with a bunch of fainting goats at Tucker's Gap Event Center.  Shout out to them at http://tuckersgap.com; if you need a party or wedding venue, it's awesome!  If you've never heard of fainting goats before, please look them up.  They are hysterical.  We laughed the whole time, especially when their owner came running at them flapping a horse blanket.  These guys will even faint at the sight of food, they get so excited.  



Lebanon tn senior with goats
lebanon tn senior with fainting goats
lebanon tn senior and goat
lebanon tn senior kissing goat
lebanon tn senior feeding goat

    According to Emma these goats are silly and adorable, don't you agree?  I love her adventurous spirit.  She is a senior this year at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy.  She loves hanging out at the lake with friends and UT football...GBO!  Scroll down to see some more gorgeous pictures of her on the Lebanon Square.


lebanon tn senior
lebanon tn senior

Emma even brought her friend along to help!  They kept each other smiling.  So sweet!

senior girl with friend

Lucy {13 year old pictures}

I can't believe I'm a mom of a 13 year old! She is so excited to be a teenager. I have been hearing about it for a year. I'm happy to have gotten her pictures with snow since her birthday is in December, and I found this great spot thanks to my sister! Lucy looks so grown up to me, but I think she will always have the heart of a sweet little girl.