Wilson County Fair Mini Sessions

Our fair is the best. These pictures are for acting silly and getting some color on your walls! Here's some of my favorites from last year. I'm booking now for fair week (Aug.15th-23rd), so reserve your spot quick. Session fee is $50 (includes 20-25 minutes and a free 5x7) Email or call for a full price guide. Can't wait start these!yummy cotton candy

waiting for a turn

sweet girl at fair

sweet face at the fair

smiling sisters at game


sitting at the fair

sisters hug at fair

sisters at the fair

sisters at fun game

silly sisters

silly fair faces

siblings and ferris wheel

riding fair rides

pretzel booth

peekaboo ticket booth

loving the fair

kids playing fair games

kids at ticket booth

kids at the fair

kids at the fair tent

jumping at the fair

girls at county fair

girl at fair

fun at fair

friends at the fair

fair stripes

fair games and boy

fair friends

fair family

couple and ferris wheel

county fair prizes

cotton candy at fair

carousel smiles

carnival tent

baby at the fair

baby at the county fair

baby and carousel

Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

Summer Fun Mini Session {Everhett and Parks}

Check out these two brothers. They are always fun to photograph and I'm always tired afterward! Haha! Everhett and Parks always make me laugh and smile with their energy. It doesn't get any better than this! sweet feet

sweet little blonde boy

two boys with toys

two brothers and bubblegum

smiling in balloons

smiling blonde boy

silly boy with balloons

siblings playing

more hugging brothers

more hugging brothers

laughing with balloons

laughing brothers

laughing boys

hugging brothers

happy brothers

happy boy

brown eyed boy

brothers playing

brothers in field

boys with bubblegum

boys with balloons

boys playing

boys in tent

boys in field

boy with sword

boy with flag

boy with balloons

Summer Mini Session {Rozlyn}

Isn't she the sweetest thing? Last time I saw her she was a baby and look how she's grown. Rozlyn was an easy one to photograph as long as she had a doll in her arms. Little girly-girl! baby girl in tent

baby girl with balloons

child with balloons

excited about balloons

girl looking up

girl with bubblegum

girly toes

gray eyed girl and doll

happy baby with balloons

laughing girl in tent

little girl sitting in field

little girl with bubblegum machine

little girl with doll

little smiling girl

pink dress and toes

pink girl with balloons

precious girl with balloons

small girl with balloons

smiling girl and bubblegum

sweet girl and doll

Lebanon, Tn Maternity Session at Cedars of Lebanon {McFarland maternity session}

This was the perfect place for this session. The trees filtered the light just so. I'm so happy for you, Courtney and Matt! smiling pregnant couple

baby bump

sexy pregnant couple

pretty pregnant woman

pregnant woman standing in field

pregnant woman smiling

pregnant woman on farm

pregnant woman looking up

pregnant woman in field

pregnant woman in dress

pregnant woman in chair

pregnant sisters

pregnant sisters standing

pregnant mom looking sexy

pregnant mom in woods

pregnant mom by wall

pregnant mom and dad kissing

pregnant couple with touching foreheads

pregnant couple with letter

pregnant couple talking

pregnant couple sitting

pregnant couple sitting with letter

pregnant couple reading childrens story

pregnant couple in woods

pregnant couple by fence

pregnant belly

peekaboo mommy

peekaboo belly

laughing pregnant couple

kissing pregnant couple

expecting mom in trees

expecting mom and dad

expecting mom and dad at door

belly with baby shoes

Lebanon, TN Maternity Session {Staci and Tyler}

My good friends Staci and Tyler didn't know the sex of their baby when we took these pictures. Little Linden is here, though, and it's a boy!...newborn pictures to be blogged at a later date. I have the privilege of taking those tomorrow! *squeal* baby boy pregnancy


etheral maternity picture

glowing pregnant woman

hands on pregnant belly

happy pregnant couple

happy pregnant mother and father

happy pregnant mother

husband and wife kissing

kissing pregnant couple

laughing pregnant couple

loving pregnant couple

loving pregnant mother and father

loving pregnant mother

mom and dad talking

mom leaning on dad

pregnant belly and boots

pregnant belly

pregnant couple back to back

pregnant couple conversing

pregnant couple gazing at each other

pregnant couple gazing

pregnant couple in grass

pregnant couple kissing

pregnant couple leaning foreheads together

pregnant couple sitting in field

pregnant couple

pregnant mom in chair

pregnant mom looking up

pregnant mother laying in grass

pregnant mother sitting in field

pregnant woman looking down

pretty pregnant woman

sitting pregnant woman

smiling dad

smiling pregnant woman

sunlight shining on pregnant couple

sweet belly

sweet pregnancy

talking pregnant couple

talking to belly


Summer Fun Mini-Sessions

It's time once again for "Summer Fun" minis! These are some of my favorites. Here's the scoop... $50 session fee gets you a 20 minute session with an online gallery AND a free 5x7. *There is $75 minimum order in addition to that, but I have discounted the products big-time!

For a price list and the address contact me through fb, call, or email.



or through my website: http://www.heathergravissphotography.com

summer fun mini-sessions

Here are some of my favorites from last year. I will have different props this year, except the balloons. I LOVE the balloons.

Also here is the new custom USB drive that I offer for $20.

usb drive

baby eating watermelon

baby girl in field

baby in balloon basket

baby in hot air balloon basket

baby on blanket with brother

boy eating watermelon

girl in balloonbasket

girl in yellow chair

girl on bike

girl on tricycle

girl with balloons

girls flying away with balloons

hands with watermelon

jumping family

kids jumping with balloons

laughing boy with watermelon

laughing girl on ladder

leaning girl with balloons

little girl eating watermelon

little girl in balloon basket

little girl in yellow chair

pretty girl on bike

sassy girl with balloons

siblings in yellow chair

sisters eating watermelon

small cowboy with balloons

smiling boy eating watermelon

smiling little cowboy

smiling girl on tricycle

summer watermelon siblings

teen with balloon

siblings eating watermelon

Luke, Sam, and Isabel {Spring Mini Session}

These three munchkins are always a blast AND a challenge to photograph. They are so energetic and curious...I wonder what would happen if the bunny hopped away? So fun, but I got a workout! Haha! I LOVE the one where Sam is talking to his chick, too, Mandi. I am pleased that they are so photogenic.

Gabby and Jules {Spring Mini-Session}

Oh, my goodness. Precious girls! It was a task to get these two to smile, but I got a few grins. The ducks were a huge hit. Gabby didn't want to leave them, so we had to put them to bed and say "night, night!".

Nina and Eliza {Spring minis}

I've watched these two grow up. They have become so beautiful! It amazes me that Lisa has a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. Sadly, Abby's not in these pictures. The funniest thing about this session was when I asked the girls to look at the camera with a serious face. Giggles would immediately erupt and have the totally opposite effect of what I was going for. Oh, well. Those are the ones I like best with the natural smiles.


Marlie and Mattie {Spring mini session}

Oh, my! Love little girls in Spring dresses. Mattie was just as polite and did everything I asked of her, no problem. Marlie would NOT have anything to do with those ducks! She was polite about it, too, though. Makes me laugh. Luckily no animals pooped on her. Or pecked her. We had a good time and I love how these turned out!

My Wild Thing

My little guy really got into this once we set it up. At first mention...not so much. Anything "Wild Thing" related will always remind me of Ford. He was obsessed when he was smaller. I just now got around to taking these pictures. I don't think he's too big, do you?

This rainy day weather has made me miss the beach vacation we just took to St. Augustine, Fl. Even though it wasn't as warm as I would have liked the kids never even noticed. Those crazy people were in the water in 60 degree weather. I, on the other hand sat with my towel and beach blanket wrapped around me like a beachy Eskimo. ...I think I'm just old! No, I do not have a picture of that! We also toured the St. Augustine light house. Well, Hank or I didn't tour it. We were too afraid of plunging to our deaths... I did get a picture of the other three waving from the top. There actually was one warm-ish day that we went to the beach and of course, mom had to take family pictures. The wind was blowing the whole time, though, and Lucy and I laughed at our hair sticking up in most of those. We also got to tour a replica of a spanish ship called the El Galeon. It was interesting and I love all the old style details I could photograph. I would recommend visiting St. Augustine when the weather was right. Maybe we'll go again. I think I will wait for summer next time.