Nashville Tn Photographer | Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Treva & Eric

Treva and Eric got married last night at the Mill. Since we just did their engagement session, those are what you’re going to see first! Here’s my favorites from that day. We went out to Cedars Of Lebanon state Park. She’s a country girl, he’s a city boy, but they both rocked it. The signature sunglasses are a nice touch, Eric! I’ve loved getting to know both of them. They have been together for 11 years, and have gone through thick and thin. The love wins out. I can see it and feel it when I am with them. I know they are going to last forever.

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Nashville TN Senior Photographer | Senior Week

SENIOR WEEK is here!  You don't have to be a senior...


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Scroll down for some highlights and group shots of my senior model teams.  Be looking for featured seniors and future seniors this week!

Middle Tn | Senior photographer | ChanceChance

Chance | Lebanon High School

          Chance is a Junior at Lebanon High School.  We had to reschedule her pictures because of snow...on spring break...so she ended up with her own private little session.  It was great!  She loves to travel, and has had lots of opportunities to do so.  This October she is going to Nicaragua with her youth group. So adventurous and with a heart for helping others.  She loves and run, and is an awesome student, too.  I'm so glad she decided to help me out and become one of my senior models.  Yay, me!

...and cute, too!  ;)




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Middle Tn Senior Photographer | Brennen | Mt. Juliet Christian Academy

Brennen is Awesome...

         This is an appropriate title for Brennen's senior portraits because, well...just keep scrolling. ;)  Brennen is a senior this year at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, and we went to downtown Lebanon and Cedars of Lebanon for his shoot.  His plan is to attend East Tn State University where I know he'll do...awesome.

ON A SIDE NOTE...Senior week is  happening this coming week!  Yay!  I'll be featuring some upcoming seniors as they are getting ready to enter their graduating year.  I have some fabulous prizes to give away. $25 gift cards to several boutiques, movie tickets, and a grand prize at the end of the week!  Craaazy!  So much free stuff!

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AAAnd scroll on for more about Brennen...


Did I mention he's a really great musician?

And, Y'all.  He is THE Free Hugs guy.   I have never in. my. life. seen so many free hugs.  Cell phone pic!

Keep scrolling for more awesomeness.

He's like a super hero. 

And here you have it. #brennenisawesome!

Wilson County Fair Mini Sessions

Our fair is the best. These pictures are for acting silly and getting some color on your walls! Here's some of my favorites from last year. I'm booking now for fair week (Aug.15th-23rd), so reserve your spot quick. Session fee is $50 (includes 20-25 minutes and a free 5x7) Email or call for a full price guide. Can't wait start these!yummy cotton candy

waiting for a turn

sweet girl at fair

sweet face at the fair

smiling sisters at game


sitting at the fair

sisters hug at fair

sisters at the fair

sisters at fun game

silly sisters

silly fair faces

siblings and ferris wheel

riding fair rides

pretzel booth

peekaboo ticket booth

loving the fair

kids playing fair games

kids at ticket booth

kids at the fair

kids at the fair tent

jumping at the fair

girls at county fair

girl at fair

fun at fair

friends at the fair

fair stripes

fair games and boy

fair friends

fair family

couple and ferris wheel

county fair prizes

cotton candy at fair

carousel smiles

carnival tent

baby at the fair

baby at the county fair

baby and carousel

Murfreesboro, TN Newborn Session {Sweet Easton}

This is a throwback since Easton has been here for a few months now. I couldn't resist blogging this session even though it's a little late. Look at that sweet baby face. He slept really well, didn't he? I wonder if he still does... baby cocoon

baby face and hands

baby hands

baby on a blanket

baby on belly pose

baby toes

big yawn

little fingers

mom and babe

newborn babe

newborn close up

newborn face

newborn in a hat

newborn in bear hat

newborn in blue chair

newborn on a fuzzy blanket

sleeping baby

sleepy eyes

snoozing newborn baby

sweet bear

sweet newborn baby bear

sweet sleepy baby

Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

Summer Fun Mini Session {Everhett and Parks}

Check out these two brothers. They are always fun to photograph and I'm always tired afterward! Haha! Everhett and Parks always make me laugh and smile with their energy. It doesn't get any better than this! sweet feet

sweet little blonde boy

two boys with toys

two brothers and bubblegum

smiling in balloons

smiling blonde boy

silly boy with balloons

siblings playing

more hugging brothers

more hugging brothers

laughing with balloons

laughing brothers

laughing boys

hugging brothers

happy brothers

happy boy

brown eyed boy

brothers playing

brothers in field

boys with bubblegum

boys with balloons

boys playing

boys in tent

boys in field

boy with sword

boy with flag

boy with balloons

Summer Mini Session {Rozlyn}

Isn't she the sweetest thing? Last time I saw her she was a baby and look how she's grown. Rozlyn was an easy one to photograph as long as she had a doll in her arms. Little girly-girl! baby girl in tent

baby girl with balloons

child with balloons

excited about balloons

girl looking up

girl with bubblegum

girly toes

gray eyed girl and doll

happy baby with balloons

laughing girl in tent

little girl sitting in field

little girl with bubblegum machine

little girl with doll

little smiling girl

pink dress and toes

pink girl with balloons

precious girl with balloons

small girl with balloons

smiling girl and bubblegum

sweet girl and doll

Lebanon, Tn Maternity Session at Cedars of Lebanon {McFarland maternity session}

This was the perfect place for this session. The trees filtered the light just so. I'm so happy for you, Courtney and Matt! smiling pregnant couple

baby bump

sexy pregnant couple

pretty pregnant woman

pregnant woman standing in field

pregnant woman smiling

pregnant woman on farm

pregnant woman looking up

pregnant woman in field

pregnant woman in dress

pregnant woman in chair

pregnant sisters

pregnant sisters standing

pregnant mom looking sexy

pregnant mom in woods

pregnant mom by wall

pregnant mom and dad kissing

pregnant couple with touching foreheads

pregnant couple with letter

pregnant couple talking

pregnant couple sitting

pregnant couple sitting with letter

pregnant couple reading childrens story

pregnant couple in woods

pregnant couple by fence

pregnant belly

peekaboo mommy

peekaboo belly

laughing pregnant couple

kissing pregnant couple

expecting mom in trees

expecting mom and dad

expecting mom and dad at door

belly with baby shoes

Clover Bottom Mansion 1 Year Session {Hudson's cake smash}

Let me tell you this was fun! We saved the cake smash for the end and Hudson was a cute little mess. I think he had a blast taking pictures with his cousins and extended family. I love those giggles. baby boy holding a picture

sweet family

sweet baby in field

smiling baby standing

smiling baby in basket

smiling baby boy

serious baby boy

picknicking baby boy

one year old birthday

mom dad and baby

men of the family

laughing baby

laughing baby on chair

laughing baby in basket

large family on steps

kids with baby

father and sons

family with balloons

family on country road

family in field

extended family on porch

excited baby boy

cousins with baby

baby with balloons

baby touching grass

baby standing in basket

baby looking down

baby looking backwards

baby in field

baby in basket

baby holding on

baby by barn

baby boy with a cup

baby boy on a blanket

baby boy in a chair

smiling boy with birthday hat

baby boy with a red hat

baby holding birthday hat

baby by brick wall

cash smash hands

cake smash

cake smash baby boy

birthday cake

baby's messy hands

baby with hat

messy cake smash

one year cake smash

Summer Fun Mini-Sessions

It's time once again for "Summer Fun" minis! These are some of my favorites. Here's the scoop... $50 session fee gets you a 20 minute session with an online gallery AND a free 5x7. *There is $75 minimum order in addition to that, but I have discounted the products big-time!

For a price list and the address contact me through fb, call, or email.



or through my website: http://www.heathergravissphotography.com

summer fun mini-sessions

Here are some of my favorites from last year. I will have different props this year, except the balloons. I LOVE the balloons.

Also here is the new custom USB drive that I offer for $20.

usb drive

baby eating watermelon

baby girl in field

baby in balloon basket

baby in hot air balloon basket

baby on blanket with brother

boy eating watermelon

girl in balloonbasket

girl in yellow chair

girl on bike

girl on tricycle

girl with balloons

girls flying away with balloons

hands with watermelon

jumping family

kids jumping with balloons

laughing boy with watermelon

laughing girl on ladder

leaning girl with balloons

little girl eating watermelon

little girl in balloon basket

little girl in yellow chair

pretty girl on bike

sassy girl with balloons

siblings in yellow chair

sisters eating watermelon

small cowboy with balloons

smiling boy eating watermelon

smiling little cowboy

smiling girl on tricycle

summer watermelon siblings

teen with balloon

siblings eating watermelon

Michael {Maternity Session}

I am way behind in blogging, but I had to get this session up! Kristen is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have seen! Little Easton is just as precious (he's here already). Loved this location and everything went perfectly. etheral maternity in field

etheral maternity picture

etheral maternity couple

etheral pregnant mother

etheral pregnant woman

expectant mother smiling

expectant parents smiling

expectant father kissing belly

expectant mother sitting in a field

happy pregnant lady

happy pregnant mother in field

happy pregnant woman

lovely expectant mother

lovely maternity in woods

lovely pregnant lady in field

lovely pregnant woman on rock

maternity in field

maternity picture in woods

maternity pictures on rocks

maternity with dogs in a field

pregnant couple sitting in a field

pregnant couple with dogs

pregnant couple

pregnant lady in a field

pregnant mother in blue chair

pregnant woman in woods

pregnant woman in field

pregnant woman looking down

pregnant woman on rock

pregnant woman standing

pretty mother pregnant

pretty pregnant woman

profile of pregnant woman

serene pregnancy

serene pregnant woman in field

silhouette of pregnant couple

silhouette of pregnant woman

sitting pregnant mother

smiling pregnant mother

smiling kissing pregnant couple

smiling pregnant couple

smiling pregnant lady

smiling pregnant mother in field

smiling pregnant woman on rock

sweet belly and couple

sweet pregnancy

sweet pregnant belly

sweet pregnant couple

Luke, Sam, and Isabel {Spring Mini Session}

These three munchkins are always a blast AND a challenge to photograph. They are so energetic and curious...I wonder what would happen if the bunny hopped away? So fun, but I got a workout! Haha! I LOVE the one where Sam is talking to his chick, too, Mandi. I am pleased that they are so photogenic.