Middle Tn Senior Photographer | Brennen | Mt. Juliet Christian Academy

Brennen is Awesome...

         This is an appropriate title for Brennen's senior portraits because, well...just keep scrolling. ;)  Brennen is a senior this year at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, and we went to downtown Lebanon and Cedars of Lebanon for his shoot.  His plan is to attend East Tn State University where I know he'll do...awesome.

ON A SIDE NOTE...Senior week is  happening this coming week!  Yay!  I'll be featuring some upcoming seniors as they are getting ready to enter their graduating year.  I have some fabulous prizes to give away. $25 gift cards to several boutiques, movie tickets, and a grand prize at the end of the week!  Craaazy!  So much free stuff!

Any age high school student can enter.  Just fill out this link.



AAAnd scroll on for more about Brennen...


Did I mention he's a really great musician?

And, Y'all.  He is THE Free Hugs guy.   I have never in. my. life. seen so many free hugs.  Cell phone pic!

Keep scrolling for more awesomeness.

He's like a super hero. 

And here you have it. #brennenisawesome!