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Nashville TN Photographer | Sinking Creek Farm

Angelica’s Sunflowers

Meet Angelica, class of 2020. She contacted me about being one of my senior models (those pics are coming soon!), and she wanted to do these pictures in the sunflower field. Gorgeous! It was so hot this day, but she carried on, even doing some gymnastics in the flower rows. This is an amazing place for a session located in Murfreesboro. If you’re interested in doing a mini session this week (7/14), click HERE for more information. I can’t wait to show you more of Angelica during senior week in a couple of weeks! Scroll to see more of this sweet girl.

For more information about Sinking Creek Farm, click HERE

Nashville Middle TN Family | Mitchell House

Sweet Siblings

    I have been taking pictures of these three for ages, it seems (well, not AGES because they're still little).  I love watching how they're family grows and changes.  Sister has been recently added.  :)  

    The best thing about these photo sessions is that all three kids are always energetic and happy...to the exasperation of their parents sometimes.  I keep saying  that they'll miss the crazy life with three little ones someday.  Seriously!  I have just now started realizing it, even though people have been telling me for years.  One day I woke up and my littlest was 10.  

   One thing I noticed this time was that Everhett, big brother, was all of the sudden super into the pictures.  He was so helpful in trying to find good spots.  Also while the other two were laughing and...running, I would look over and he would just be sitting and smiling.  It made me laugh.  So fun to watch and remember.  

        The Mitchell House, where we took these, is a historic part of Lebanon.  In 1936, the home was purchased by Castle Heights Military Academy, at which time the home began fifty years as the Junior School and living quarters for boarding students. Long before that, though, the owner sold it to his children for ONE dollar!  It's funny the stuff you find online.  Anywho, now it's a great place for pictures.  You should definitely check it out.  Lots of history. 


    I hope to be taking pictures of this family for a long time.  These three balance even though each is different. We always have some laughs and some exercise, haha!  I love how I can always see their personalities in each picture.

Middle Tn Senior | Mt. Juliet high School | Wendy

Wendy's a Senior!

     She's ready to graduate. I keep seeing her mom's facebook posts about last prom, last color guard competition, first look at the cap and gown...*whew*

I'm almost there with my girl, but not quite.  I try not to think about it.

But Wendy, what an adventure for you!  I was in marching band, and it gave me some of the best memories.  You'll miss it, but you'll also make new memories, new friends. Your parents can't wait to see what happens next, even though it's bittersweet.  I hope you're excited for this next chapter. Onward!  ;)

Middle Tn Senior Photographer | Brennen | Mt. Juliet Christian Academy

Brennen is Awesome...

         This is an appropriate title for Brennen's senior portraits because, well...just keep scrolling. ;)  Brennen is a senior this year at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, and we went to downtown Lebanon and Cedars of Lebanon for his shoot.  His plan is to attend East Tn State University where I know he'll do...awesome.

ON A SIDE NOTE...Senior week is  happening this coming week!  Yay!  I'll be featuring some upcoming seniors as they are getting ready to enter their graduating year.  I have some fabulous prizes to give away. $25 gift cards to several boutiques, movie tickets, and a grand prize at the end of the week!  Craaazy!  So much free stuff!

Any age high school student can enter.  Just fill out this link.



AAAnd scroll on for more about Brennen...


Did I mention he's a really great musician?

And, Y'all.  He is THE Free Hugs guy.   I have never in. my. life. seen so many free hugs.  Cell phone pic!

Keep scrolling for more awesomeness.

He's like a super hero. 

And here you have it. #brennenisawesome!

Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

This rainy day weather has made me miss the beach vacation we just took to St. Augustine, Fl. Even though it wasn't as warm as I would have liked the kids never even noticed. Those crazy people were in the water in 60 degree weather. I, on the other hand sat with my towel and beach blanket wrapped around me like a beachy Eskimo. ...I think I'm just old! No, I do not have a picture of that! We also toured the St. Augustine light house. Well, Hank or I didn't tour it. We were too afraid of plunging to our deaths... I did get a picture of the other three waving from the top. There actually was one warm-ish day that we went to the beach and of course, mom had to take family pictures. The wind was blowing the whole time, though, and Lucy and I laughed at our hair sticking up in most of those. We also got to tour a replica of a spanish ship called the El Galeon. It was interesting and I love all the old style details I could photograph. I would recommend visiting St. Augustine when the weather was right. Maybe we'll go again. I think I will wait for summer next time.