Lebanon, TN Photographer | Fall Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions

  I'm excited to announce my Fall Minis will be the afternoon of October 13th.  Location TBA.  These limited sessions are great for updating your family's photos or getting your kids into new fall outfits. Even Halloween costumes are welcomed! Afternoon appointments are available. Get in touch to save your spot, and read on for more information!

615-943-8828 or cgraviss68@bellsouth.net


   $125 includes a 15-20 minute session and 5 digital files (printable up to 8x10), with option to purchase more.  $25 saves your appointment: the rest is due the day of. Plus you can have 10% off any other products or upgrades. Contact me for a full product guide and a time for your mini session.  Scroll down for a peek at some of my favorites from the last few years...

Middle TN Wedding | Savannah and Daniel

March 25, 2017

   I've known Daniel since he was little, and Savannah just happens to be my long lost cousin on my mother's side (long story!), so I was thrilled to photograph their beautiful wedding.  From the getting ready stage to the reception, it was fun and emotional.  Their relationship is centered around faith, and I know they will have a long, loving marriage.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

   Savannah started out with her bridesmaids at Beauty Boutique here in Lebanon.  Check them out here: 


   The ceremony was at First United Methodist Church, where Daniel's family has attended for a long time.  One of my favorite sweet parts was when Daniel sang to savannah during the ceremony.  It was awesome!  The music was pretty, and the dresses were gorgeous!  Savannah was a beautiful bride.

   Scroll down to see some favorites that tell the story of their day...and to see some crazy dancing!


Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

Summer Fun Mini Session {Everhett and Parks}

Check out these two brothers. They are always fun to photograph and I'm always tired afterward! Haha! Everhett and Parks always make me laugh and smile with their energy. It doesn't get any better than this! sweet feet

sweet little blonde boy

two boys with toys

two brothers and bubblegum

smiling in balloons

smiling blonde boy

silly boy with balloons

siblings playing

more hugging brothers

more hugging brothers

laughing with balloons

laughing brothers

laughing boys

hugging brothers

happy brothers

happy boy

brown eyed boy

brothers playing

brothers in field

boys with bubblegum

boys with balloons

boys playing

boys in tent

boys in field

boy with sword

boy with flag

boy with balloons

Lebanon, Tn Maternity Session at Cedars of Lebanon {McFarland maternity session}

This was the perfect place for this session. The trees filtered the light just so. I'm so happy for you, Courtney and Matt! smiling pregnant couple

baby bump

sexy pregnant couple

pretty pregnant woman

pregnant woman standing in field

pregnant woman smiling

pregnant woman on farm

pregnant woman looking up

pregnant woman in field

pregnant woman in dress

pregnant woman in chair

pregnant sisters

pregnant sisters standing

pregnant mom looking sexy

pregnant mom in woods

pregnant mom by wall

pregnant mom and dad kissing

pregnant couple with touching foreheads

pregnant couple with letter

pregnant couple talking

pregnant couple sitting

pregnant couple sitting with letter

pregnant couple reading childrens story

pregnant couple in woods

pregnant couple by fence

pregnant belly

peekaboo mommy

peekaboo belly

laughing pregnant couple

kissing pregnant couple

expecting mom in trees

expecting mom and dad

expecting mom and dad at door

belly with baby shoes

Luke, Sam, and Isabel {Spring Mini Session}

These three munchkins are always a blast AND a challenge to photograph. They are so energetic and curious...I wonder what would happen if the bunny hopped away? So fun, but I got a workout! Haha! I LOVE the one where Sam is talking to his chick, too, Mandi. I am pleased that they are so photogenic.

Nina and Eliza {Spring minis}

I've watched these two grow up. They have become so beautiful! It amazes me that Lisa has a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. Sadly, Abby's not in these pictures. The funniest thing about this session was when I asked the girls to look at the camera with a serious face. Giggles would immediately erupt and have the totally opposite effect of what I was going for. Oh, well. Those are the ones I like best with the natural smiles.


Marlie and Mattie {Spring mini session}

Oh, my! Love little girls in Spring dresses. Mattie was just as polite and did everything I asked of her, no problem. Marlie would NOT have anything to do with those ducks! She was polite about it, too, though. Makes me laugh. Luckily no animals pooped on her. Or pecked her. We had a good time and I love how these turned out!

Lucy {13 year old pictures}

I can't believe I'm a mom of a 13 year old! She is so excited to be a teenager. I have been hearing about it for a year. I'm happy to have gotten her pictures with snow since her birthday is in December, and I found this great spot thanks to my sister! Lucy looks so grown up to me, but I think she will always have the heart of a sweet little girl.


Callie {strawberry patch}

This mild weather today made me long for warmer temperatures, so I turned my thoughts back to last May when I followed Callie out to the Circle K Farms strawberry patch to pick some fresh berries. It may be cold tomorrow, so enjoy this little reminder of sunshine!


I can't believe this baby is a year old! Sweet Luke is growing and I can't tell some of his pictures apart from his brother's. The resemblance is amazing. Of course, Izzy looks like them, too. Isn't it funny?