Murfeesboro, TN Sunflower Sessions

Sunflower Sessions

These are too fun!  I love my sunflower sessions.  Sinking Creek Farm in Murfreesboro has planted again this year!  You'll love this location, and it's another place that I can go to shoot.  I have decided to offer mini sessions again. They’re sort of last minute because sunflowers only last for so long. Here are the details:

Total cost is $250, so your regular session fee is waved.  It's also a discount on the 15 digital images you will receive...  AND you get the option to purchase any other product/digitals for 10% off regular pricing. You will spend 20 minutes with me and the sunflowers (don’t worry, that’s plenty of time, and it’s pretty hot right now.) Right now I have a couple of nights the week of July 14th.

Scroll for some of my favorites from last year.  


Check out Sinking Creek Farm here.

Nashville, TN photographer | Long Hunter State Park

The Bundy Family

This family. Look how they love each other. Even the guys who didn’t want to be there were good sports! I’m not mentioning any names. :). Seriously, they will cherish these pictures with the extended family. Look at those smiles; you can’t even tell it was cold. And flooded! This was right after all the rain we had in Nashville and Long Hunter State Park was covered with water. We found a good spot and stayed there! It looks beautiful. So glad we did this, Bundy family!

To learn more about Long Hunter State Park, click HERE

Nashville TN Photographer | Circle S Tree Farm

Christmas Time

Now that everyone has sent Christmas cards and spent time with family and friends, it’s safe to post these tree farm Christmas minis. We went out to Circle S Farms here in Lebanon and had a blast in the pine trees. I love meeting with these families and then getting Christmas cards with my pictures! So fun and rewarding. Until next year!

Circle S Farms is an awesome place for for taking family pictures and weddings. It’s beautiful! In the picking season, they also have strawberry patch that residents of Wilson County love.

Check them out here.

Nashville Photographer | Cedars of Lebanon State Park

It’s Fall Y’all

These sweet families came to the Fall sessions, along with a couple of others. so thankful for them; I’ve watched most of these kids grow up. I’m loving this fall season and the weather is just now getting cooler. Christmas minis are coming up this Saturday, too! It’s not too late.

To learn more about Cedars of Lebanon State Park, click HERE.

LLbanon, TN | Wilson County Fair

The Bealls at the Fair

I love my Wilson County Fair sessions! Even though it’s fall, it’s still hot outside. I’m hanging on to summer as long as I can. Love these colors, and the Bealls were so fun to work with!

Click here for more info about the fair.

Lebanon, TN Photographer | Fall Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions

  I'm excited to announce my Fall Minis will be the afternoon of October 13th.  Location TBA.  These limited sessions are great for updating your family's photos or getting your kids into new fall outfits. Even Halloween costumes are welcomed! Afternoon appointments are available. Get in touch to save your spot, and read on for more information!

615-943-8828 or cgraviss68@bellsouth.net


   $125 includes a 15-20 minute session and 5 digital files (printable up to 8x10), with option to purchase more.  $25 saves your appointment: the rest is due the day of. Plus you can have 10% off any other products or upgrades. Contact me for a full product guide and a time for your mini session.  Scroll down for a peek at some of my favorites from the last few years...

Lebanon TN Family Photographer | Major Family

An Extended Family Session


Meet the Majors.  I have known these guys for a long time.  Bonnie comes from a whole family of teachers, just like me!  They are the most down to earth, sweetest people you'll ever meet.  The boys are into their farm, sports, outdoor activities, driving the gator (!), you name it.  The rest of the extended family joined us toward the end of our session.  It was a feat to get all the cousins to smile, but we did it with the help of everyone.  I saw some silly stuff!  Haha, it was a great day for pictures.  I had so much fun!

How difficult is it to start a farm?  Read here to find out.

Wilson Co. Fair Mini Sessions

I love the way these sessions turn out.  $50 session fee gets you a 20 minute session (for up to 3 people. $7 per extra) with an online gallery AND a free 5×7. *There is $75 minimum order in addition to that, but I have discounted the products big time!For a price list and the address contact me through fb, call, or email. Can’t wait to see you there! (The fair is from Aug. 16th-22nd this year.) 943-8828 cgraviss68@bellsouth.net or through my website: http://www.heathergravissphotography.com

Here are some from last year, and a few from the year before…

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Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

Lebanon, Tn Maternity Session at Cedars of Lebanon {McFarland maternity session}

This was the perfect place for this session. The trees filtered the light just so. I'm so happy for you, Courtney and Matt! smiling pregnant couple

baby bump

sexy pregnant couple

pretty pregnant woman

pregnant woman standing in field

pregnant woman smiling

pregnant woman on farm

pregnant woman looking up

pregnant woman in field

pregnant woman in dress

pregnant woman in chair

pregnant sisters

pregnant sisters standing

pregnant mom looking sexy

pregnant mom in woods

pregnant mom by wall

pregnant mom and dad kissing

pregnant couple with touching foreheads

pregnant couple with letter

pregnant couple talking

pregnant couple sitting

pregnant couple sitting with letter

pregnant couple reading childrens story

pregnant couple in woods

pregnant couple by fence

pregnant belly

peekaboo mommy

peekaboo belly

laughing pregnant couple

kissing pregnant couple

expecting mom in trees

expecting mom and dad

expecting mom and dad at door

belly with baby shoes

Clover Bottom Mansion 1 Year Session {Hudson's cake smash}

Let me tell you this was fun! We saved the cake smash for the end and Hudson was a cute little mess. I think he had a blast taking pictures with his cousins and extended family. I love those giggles. baby boy holding a picture

sweet family

sweet baby in field

smiling baby standing

smiling baby in basket

smiling baby boy

serious baby boy

picknicking baby boy

one year old birthday

mom dad and baby

men of the family

laughing baby

laughing baby on chair

laughing baby in basket

large family on steps

kids with baby

father and sons

family with balloons

family on country road

family in field

extended family on porch

excited baby boy

cousins with baby

baby with balloons

baby touching grass

baby standing in basket

baby looking down

baby looking backwards

baby in field

baby in basket

baby holding on

baby by barn

baby boy with a cup

baby boy on a blanket

baby boy in a chair

smiling boy with birthday hat

baby boy with a red hat

baby holding birthday hat

baby by brick wall

cash smash hands

cake smash

cake smash baby boy

birthday cake

baby's messy hands

baby with hat

messy cake smash

one year cake smash

Lebanon, TN Maternity Session {Staci and Tyler}

My good friends Staci and Tyler didn't know the sex of their baby when we took these pictures. Little Linden is here, though, and it's a boy!...newborn pictures to be blogged at a later date. I have the privilege of taking those tomorrow! *squeal* baby boy pregnancy


etheral maternity picture

glowing pregnant woman

hands on pregnant belly

happy pregnant couple

happy pregnant mother and father

happy pregnant mother

husband and wife kissing

kissing pregnant couple

laughing pregnant couple

loving pregnant couple

loving pregnant mother and father

loving pregnant mother

mom and dad talking

mom leaning on dad

pregnant belly and boots

pregnant belly

pregnant couple back to back

pregnant couple conversing

pregnant couple gazing at each other

pregnant couple gazing

pregnant couple in grass

pregnant couple kissing

pregnant couple leaning foreheads together

pregnant couple sitting in field

pregnant couple

pregnant mom in chair

pregnant mom looking up

pregnant mother laying in grass

pregnant mother sitting in field

pregnant woman looking down

pretty pregnant woman

sitting pregnant woman

smiling dad

smiling pregnant woman

sunlight shining on pregnant couple

sweet belly

sweet pregnancy

talking pregnant couple

talking to belly


This rainy day weather has made me miss the beach vacation we just took to St. Augustine, Fl. Even though it wasn't as warm as I would have liked the kids never even noticed. Those crazy people were in the water in 60 degree weather. I, on the other hand sat with my towel and beach blanket wrapped around me like a beachy Eskimo. ...I think I'm just old! No, I do not have a picture of that! We also toured the St. Augustine light house. Well, Hank or I didn't tour it. We were too afraid of plunging to our deaths... I did get a picture of the other three waving from the top. There actually was one warm-ish day that we went to the beach and of course, mom had to take family pictures. The wind was blowing the whole time, though, and Lucy and I laughed at our hair sticking up in most of those. We also got to tour a replica of a spanish ship called the El Galeon. It was interesting and I love all the old style details I could photograph. I would recommend visiting St. Augustine when the weather was right. Maybe we'll go again. I think I will wait for summer next time.











Lucy {13 year old pictures}

I can't believe I'm a mom of a 13 year old! She is so excited to be a teenager. I have been hearing about it for a year. I'm happy to have gotten her pictures with snow since her birthday is in December, and I found this great spot thanks to my sister! Lucy looks so grown up to me, but I think she will always have the heart of a sweet little girl.


Prom 2012 {senior prom}

Someone had asked me about Prom pictures in April, so I started thinking about my niece and all her gorgeous friends at LHS Prom last year. We met at the Mitchell House and of course, the embarrassing Aunt had to have a picture of anyone ever connected with Maggie. We had fun and Lucy (my daughter) loved looking at all the girls in the pretty dresses. These are great memories for these girls and I hope they are still in touch wherever they are. Enjoy!

Callie {strawberry patch}

This mild weather today made me long for warmer temperatures, so I turned my thoughts back to last May when I followed Callie out to the Circle K Farms strawberry patch to pick some fresh berries. It may be cold tomorrow, so enjoy this little reminder of sunshine!


Swain {Family Session}

This was a great location and so fun! The boys could run around wherever they wanted (and they did! Haha!) and still they were contained. I love that Whitney and Clint are so laid back. Some of those "natural" poses are the best, even if that certain someone is trying to eat the props. Lots of laughter and craziness makes it all worthwhile and I so enjoyed this session!