Nashville Senior Photographer | High School Graduate


   Meet Chase.  Class of 2018.  Young and reckless.  That's how he describes himself.  Also he's confident, kind, definitely polite.  He's very athletic and he made me laugh during his senior session.  We went out to The Mitchell House on Castle Heights campus for the first part of his photo shoot. Then we headed to the a place he loves, the lake; his family's lake house.   Chase loves to wakeboard and be on the water.  He was homeschooled for his high school career because he was traveling so much for his moto cross competitions.  Before that, it was baseball and football.  I told you he is athletic and into everything. 

 During our session Chase said he really wasn't into taking pictures, but by the end he was asking for more (with his truck!).  Love it, I knew he would change his mind once we started.  He was raised right, super polite.  I have no sense of direction, and when I followed him to the lake house he made sure to put on his blinker.  I knew this was a good kid.  :)  Scroll down to see his senior pics!



Gilley Trucking, his family's business.

What is motocross?  Find out more here!

Nashville TN Senior Photographer | Senior Week

SENIOR WEEK is here!  You don't have to be a senior...


 What is Senior Week?  Well, let me tell you. I'm so excited to be doing this.  Fabulous prizes, featured seniors, discounts!  You're gonna love it...and ANY high school student can participate.  You don't have to be a junior or senior!

This week only you can register for prizes, book your senior photo session, and get an awesome discount!  Here's how it works...

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As for prizes, I'm giving away gift cards and other prizes to Iddy and Oscar's, Poppie's Boutique, Starbucks, and for the grand prize some lucky winner will get $50 to Starbucks!  Woohoo!  Crazy! ;)


WAIT! That's totally not all.  This is important. If you book your senior session this week (April 29th-May 5) you'll get $50 off portrait collections. That expires the 5th!

Email me, call, or text...cgraviss68@bellsouth.net



Scroll down for some highlights and group shots of my senior model teams.  Be looking for featured seniors and future seniors this week!

Lebanon TN Family Photographer | Major Family

An Extended Family Session


Meet the Majors.  I have known these guys for a long time.  Bonnie comes from a whole family of teachers, just like me!  They are the most down to earth, sweetest people you'll ever meet.  The boys are into their farm, sports, outdoor activities, driving the gator (!), you name it.  The rest of the extended family joined us toward the end of our session.  It was a feat to get all the cousins to smile, but we did it with the help of everyone.  I saw some silly stuff!  Haha, it was a great day for pictures.  I had so much fun!

How difficult is it to start a farm?  Read here to find out.

Lebanon TN Senior Photographer | Garrett

LHS Senior

Meet Garrett.  Lebanon High School class of 2018.  Senior.  Golfer.  Cool guy!  We had a bit of an extended senior portrait session, and went to downtown Lebanon (you'll be surprised at how many awesome areas there are) and also ran over to the Country Club for some golf pictures...because that's what he's so good at.  In fact, he has signed with Cumberland University.  I'm so excited to see more of Garrett's accomplishments in the golfing world.  I keep seeing articles about him as it is!  Check it out, and scroll for some of my favorite senior pictures of him.


Nashville Middle Tn Teen Photographer | Sunflower Field Murfreesboro, TN

Blooming Sunflowers


   I cannot believe I've missed this for the past couple of years!  Batey Farms in Murfreesboro, tn has the most beautiful sunflowers.  I used to do mini sessions every summer until I had no field anymore.  Hallelujah, now I've found another one!  

       SO thank you to these three for coming out at the last minute, because that's how I roll apparently.  They have grown so much since the last time I photographed them at the Wilson County Fair.  I loved the way they grabbed each other's hands when I asked them to.  Sort of like they are friends as well as siblings.  You weren't pretending about that, right y'all?  haha.  I definitely know how that is with my three.  It was hot as blazes this night, but they did great.  I love when teenagers do exactly as I say without any lip.  Not quite used to it!  Seriously Jillian, Riley, and Grant, these turned out fabulous.  Thanks for helping me out with my picture-taking obsession.

         Anyone who is ever in Murfreesboro, check out Batey Farms.  Not only do they have gobs and gobs of sunflowers, they have fresh picked tomatoes, corn, jams, and even really good peach ice cream.  Lucy and I tried it.  Scroll down to see the pictures, and next year YOU come on out.