This rainy day weather has made me miss the beach vacation we just took to St. Augustine, Fl. Even though it wasn't as warm as I would have liked the kids never even noticed. Those crazy people were in the water in 60 degree weather. I, on the other hand sat with my towel and beach blanket wrapped around me like a beachy Eskimo. ...I think I'm just old! No, I do not have a picture of that! We also toured the St. Augustine light house. Well, Hank or I didn't tour it. We were too afraid of plunging to our deaths... I did get a picture of the other three waving from the top. There actually was one warm-ish day that we went to the beach and of course, mom had to take family pictures. The wind was blowing the whole time, though, and Lucy and I laughed at our hair sticking up in most of those. We also got to tour a replica of a spanish ship called the El Galeon. It was interesting and I love all the old style details I could photograph. I would recommend visiting St. Augustine when the weather was right. Maybe we'll go again. I think I will wait for summer next time.