Summer Fun Minis Lebanon, TN {Caleb and Mary}

My sweet friend, Tonya, has the cutest kids! Caleb tried so hard to do a good job and Mary stole the show with her silliness. Check out the ones where Mary is sticking her tongue out. So funny! blue eyed girl

boy in summer

boy in tent

boy with balloons

brotherly love

close up with balloons

funny little girl

girl in tent

gray eyed boy

happy baby girl and balloons

kids playing in tent

kids with balloons

little girl with bubblegum

siblings with balloons

siblings with gum

silly girl

smiling boy and bubblegum

sweet laughing girl

sweet summer girl

Summer Fun Mini Session {Everhett and Parks}

Check out these two brothers. They are always fun to photograph and I'm always tired afterward! Haha! Everhett and Parks always make me laugh and smile with their energy. It doesn't get any better than this! sweet feet

sweet little blonde boy

two boys with toys

two brothers and bubblegum

smiling in balloons

smiling blonde boy

silly boy with balloons

siblings playing

more hugging brothers

more hugging brothers

laughing with balloons

laughing brothers

laughing boys

hugging brothers

happy brothers

happy boy

brown eyed boy

brothers playing

brothers in field

boys with bubblegum

boys with balloons

boys playing

boys in tent

boys in field

boy with sword

boy with flag

boy with balloons

Summer Mini Session {Rozlyn}

Isn't she the sweetest thing? Last time I saw her she was a baby and look how she's grown. Rozlyn was an easy one to photograph as long as she had a doll in her arms. Little girly-girl! baby girl in tent

baby girl with balloons

child with balloons

excited about balloons

girl looking up

girl with bubblegum

girly toes

gray eyed girl and doll

happy baby with balloons

laughing girl in tent

little girl sitting in field

little girl with bubblegum machine

little girl with doll

little smiling girl

pink dress and toes

pink girl with balloons

precious girl with balloons

small girl with balloons

smiling girl and bubblegum

sweet girl and doll