Nashville Photographer | Circle S Farms

Emily | Class of 2019 | Lebanon High School

When Emily contacted me to take her senior pictures, it was bittersweet because she is the same age as my daughter. I can’t believe it’s already time. This class of 2019 has a special place with me. It is so weird to see this girl and the rest of these seniors as adults, but that’s what they are! I know Emily will be successful in whatever she does, which will be taking care of animals. We went over to her farm and found some really great spots for her pictures. The truck was the highlight! If you don’t know about Circle S Farms here in Lebanon, you need to check them out. You can get all kinds of fruit, and even get married there! It’s awesome. Click HERE for info.

Nashville TN Photographer | Sinking Creek Farm

Angelica’s Sunflowers

Meet Angelica, class of 2020. She contacted me about being one of my senior models (those pics are coming soon!), and she wanted to do these pictures in the sunflower field. Gorgeous! It was so hot this day, but she carried on, even doing some gymnastics in the flower rows. This is an amazing place for a session located in Murfreesboro. If you’re interested in doing a mini session this week (7/14), click HERE for more information. I can’t wait to show you more of Angelica during senior week in a couple of weeks! Scroll to see more of this sweet girl.

For more information about Sinking Creek Farm, click HERE

Nashville, TN Photographer | Graduation Sessions

Cap and Gown Mini Sessions

Did you like your cap and gown picture? Maybe you just want some fun, casual shots. This was awesome. I’m so excited to start offering these each year. Graduates, it doesn’t matter what school you go to. Come on out for a few minutes of fun and have a few pictures made before your big day. I know graduation day is super busy, so this is something you can get done ahead of time.

Just meet me Saturday, May 18th, and we’ll take a few pictures. It won’t take long. You’ll get 3 digital files that you can print up to 8x10. Easy and done. Your parents won’t have to stress about it. Cost is $50. That’s it. When you book, I’ll get you the time and place information. Class of 2019!!!

Nashville Senior Photographer | Lebanon, TN

Lebanon High School Senior | Annie

  You've seen Annie's pictures before, and hopefully you'll see them again!  She is part of my senior model team.  Annie was a senior at Lebanon High School, but she just graduated.  Yay, so exciting!  Cumberland University, look out!  She is an aspiring lawyer, loves her Jeep, her cat, and kayaking.  I love all those things, too...well, except the lawyer part.  I love to teach. :) 

Annie is so beautiful in these senior portraits.  I can't even get over it.  

Nashville TN Senior Photographer | Cedars Of Lebanon State Park



  This is the week!  I'm going to be drawing for prizes.  I know you're too excited...I will be giving away lots of gift cards to Starbucks, including the grand prize of a $50 gift card!  Also some lucky winners will get an Iddy and Oscars card, and some cool stuff from Poppie's Boutique.  I can't wait, so be watching your emails and instagram accounts for me to tag you!


  Meanwhile take a look at McKayla's pictures.  She is a part of my model team, and did a great job out at Cedars of Lebanon.  This girl is at my house all the time with my Lucy, and let me tell you, she's a hoot!  McKayla is a Junior at Lebanon High School.  She loves fashion and makeup, frozen hot chocolate from DD, and laughs all the time.  Happy girls are the best! 



Find out more about Iddy and Oscar's!  Love this give-back boutique!


Nashville Senior Photographer | Hailey

Lebanon High School Junior | Hailey


   Meet Hailey, a junior a Lebanon High School and one of my senior models for the week.  I have known her since she was so small, and now look how grown up and beautiful she is! When she said she would like to help me for my senior week promotion, I knew I had to choose her!  At school, she is into all sorts of things...HOSA, YIG, Colorguard (this one's close to my heart).  She's the wrestling manager and a lifeguard, too.  She loves dogs and mint green.  She was a natural in front of the camera.  Scroll to see more of her pictures.

  Also don't forget to go register for some fun prizes HERE .  I have decided to extend Senior Week, so be sure to head over to the link!  You could win gift cards and other fun stuff from Iddy and Oscar's, Poppies, and Starbucks!  In addition to the Starbucks cards, the grand prize is a larger card worth $50!  Don't wait!  Sign up and share.  You can be ANY high school student, not just seniors!

I love Starbucks

I love 90s STYLE, like Hailey has on.  Those were the days.  Haha.

Nashville Senior Photographer | Emme

Emme from Lebanon High School

Senior Week is here!  Meet Emme.  She is a Sophomore from Lebanon High School, so a graduating senior in 2020.  I was lucky enough to get her to do some photos for me during my 'Senior Model' week.  Look how pretty she is!  

 She loves animals and the outdoors.  Camping, fishing, swimming, and kayaking are her favorite things.  Emme's also an awesome volleyball player.

And if you haven't seen it yet...

I am gifting some prizes (that you want) to some lucky high school students! Gift cards and good stuff, along with a grand prize of $50 to Starbucks! I know you're excited about that one.  Any high school student can register.

To register fill out this link, and if you share or tag a friend on social media, you'll get an extra entry.  Also please like/follow me on fb, Twitter, or Insta.  Thanks!!

Here's the link

Also if you book your senior portrait session this week (April 29-May 5th) you get $50 off collections!  Crazy!  I love give-aways!  Scroll down to see Emme's session.


Lebanon TN Photographer | Prom Session

Kamron and Samantha


I love prom season!  All the dresses and excitement.  I did take the prom pictures at the Lebanon High School prom, but I also got to see these two beforehand and take their pictures.  You know I love outdoor photo shoots the best.  The theme was The Great Gatsby, and Samantha definitely looks the part.  There was some silliness going on, too.  Can't be too serious.  Scroll down to see this gorgeous couple of friends.


Lebanon, TN Photographer | Lebanon High School Prom

LHS Prom


You guys!  Prom was SO, SO fun.  Go to the link below for the full set of senior walk and prom photos.  You are welcome to download and share.   Please tag me on social media. If you would like a print, contact me!

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Thank you!  



        Click Here for Prom Photos






Lebanon TN Senior Photographer | Lebanon High School


Meet Briawna. Class of 2018.  This girl is into everything.  We could hardly find time for pictures, but luckily she made room for me in her busy schedule!  Lebanon High School is lucky to have her, and of course, Ole Miss will be, too.  We snuck into the gym to get most of her cheer pictures, and then wandered around the high school for the rest...just kidding.  We didn't sneak.  It helps to have a mom who's PTO president.  Briawna is a cheerleader and golfer.  She loves to read and spend time at the gym.  Loves: Friends and Teammates Dislikes: When people don't give 110%.  Of course, we also had to include some mom and daughter pics in their Preds jerseys! Scroll to see some fun pictures at Lebanon High School.  

If you want to learn about LHS athletics, click HERE

If you want to see more of the Preds, click HERE