Nashville Senior Photographer | Bailey

Watertown High School Freshman | Bailey


Meet Bailey!  My freshman "senior model".  She did so great, and just wow!  Also I'm partial to redheads, since I have one of my own.  :)  It has been a long while since I've taken pictures of her, but I'm so glad she has come back.  At Watertown High School, Bailey is into Art, Science, and Reading.  Math...not so much (I'm with ya, sister).  She loves makeup, animals and social media, but not red tomato sauce!  Haha, love it.  A strong girl who knows herself.  She wants to be a dermatologist in the future, and you can catch her raising chicks for 4H.  Scroll down to see this beauty.  Her serious face is just awesome, as is her smile.  Thanks, Bailey!

Also before you go...look at the prizes I'm giving away this week!

Gift cards and other items to Iddy and Oscar's, Poppies, Starbucks! I KNOW you want to try for the grand prize of $50 to Starbucks, right?  Any high school student can register.

To register fill out this link, and if you share or tag a friend on social media, you'll get an extra entry.  Also please like/follow me on fb, Twitter, or Insta.  Thanks!!


Also if you book your senior portrait session this week (April 29-March 5th) you get $50 off collections!  Crazy!  Can't wait to hear from you! <3



Nashville TN Senior Photographer | Model Call

Model Call!

Juniors and Seniors, I need your help!  Well, actually, any high schooler can apply.  I need a model team.  If you think being in front of the camera is fun, and you would like to help a photographer out, I need you.  During the week of April 15th am going to take some pictures.  For free.  You're going to help me out, and I'm going to help you out!  You'll get some free stuff, and I'll get some content to advertise with.  Plus it's fun.  And you can bring a friend if you want to.  Win-win.  If you are interested in this opportunity, PLEASE let me know by email, text, call.  I'll send you information asap.  You just have to fill out an application form.  Can't wait to hear from you!

cgraviss68@bellsouth.net   615-943-8828  *You can also leave a comment on this post.