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Senior Week—-Allison

Like it or not, all the school is happening! If you’re a senior be sure to make this your best year yet. You’re about to go on to your future! Iddy and Oscar’s and my Empowering Project is going strong. What is your advice to empower your younger self? Go to the link to answer that question for us, and also enter to win some super great prizes, including a senior mini session and a some Volcano scented goodies.

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Sunless tan by @quicktansunless, Quick Wash Laundry here in Lebanon was gracious enough to let us have a session in their laundromat.

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Meet Allison! She is one of the most free, confident girls I know. We asked her what she would say to her younger self to empower her, and she said, “I would tell her to wear anything she wants, go to anything she wants, don’t care what anyone else thinks. Make all the noise, sing all the songs, dance in public because life is too short!! The inner you is just as good as the outer you. Shine! Show everyone else how good you are.” I need this advice. All the people need this advice. Way to go, Allison. I love it!

We also asked Allison who has empowered her over her lifetime. This is what she said, “I love this, as a strong believer in women empowerment myself! My grandmother! She taught me not to care what anyone thinks about me, how to always take advantage of any dress up opportunity, my manners, how to make a cheesecake, never go anywhere empty handed, how to charm and make people laugh. she taught me it’s always okay to be the only one dancing or singing as long are you are having fun. She is the one that has made me the hippie child i am today. She has incredible strength and charisma to show me to take on the world one step at a time. I would love to be able to show young girls how to show the world that they are here to make a difference! Every girl has a fire inside them that needs to kindled to glow! I want show every girl she is beautifully made inside and out! I love to work with young girls to empower them and break them out of their shells and let them know it’s okay to be their true self.” Wow! That is all I have to say about that. If you see Allison in the halls at Oakland High School, she’ll give you a smile and some encouraging words. So proud of this girl for letting her light shine.