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Senior Week—Claudia

Happy back to school, everybody! Iddy and Oscar’s and my Empowering Project is going strong. What is your advice to empower your younger self? Go to this link to answer that question for us, and also enter to win some super great prizes, including a senior mini session and a some Volcano scented goodies.

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Sunless tan glows by @quicktansunless, Quick Wash Laundry here in Lebanon was gracious enough to let us have a session in their laundromat.

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Meet Claudia, a senior at Lebanon High School. When we asked her what her advice to her younger self was, here is what she said, “Chill out, don’t worry, everyone has gone through things, and others will understand.” The person who has empowered her through life is her mom. “The female that has made the biggest impact in my life would definitely have to be my mom. She is one of the most kind hearted people i’ve ever met, and that has always paid off for everything she’s been through. She is also very hard working and I look up to her for this reason because she has always been there for everything that i’ve ever needed even if she had to put herself second. She’s taught me so much, but one of the most important things is RESPECT, and one day I would love to have a family and give and teach my kids what my mom was able to give and teach to me. I will never stop learning from her!” Her mom sounds awesome. Have a great senior year, Claudia, and continue to empower other students with your words. Scroll for a look at her pictures. I love the crown!