Nashville TN Senior Photographer | Cedars Of Lebanon State Park



  This is the week!  I'm going to be drawing for prizes.  I know you're too excited...I will be giving away lots of gift cards to Starbucks, including the grand prize of a $50 gift card!  Also some lucky winners will get an Iddy and Oscars card, and some cool stuff from Poppie's Boutique.  I can't wait, so be watching your emails and instagram accounts for me to tag you!


  Meanwhile take a look at McKayla's pictures.  She is a part of my model team, and did a great job out at Cedars of Lebanon.  This girl is at my house all the time with my Lucy, and let me tell you, she's a hoot!  McKayla is a Junior at Lebanon High School.  She loves fashion and makeup, frozen hot chocolate from DD, and laughs all the time.  Happy girls are the best! 



Find out more about Iddy and Oscar's!  Love this give-back boutique!


Nashville Senior Photographer | Hailey

Lebanon High School Junior | Hailey


   Meet Hailey, a junior a Lebanon High School and one of my senior models for the week.  I have known her since she was so small, and now look how grown up and beautiful she is! When she said she would like to help me for my senior week promotion, I knew I had to choose her!  At school, she is into all sorts of things...HOSA, YIG, Colorguard (this one's close to my heart).  She's the wrestling manager and a lifeguard, too.  She loves dogs and mint green.  She was a natural in front of the camera.  Scroll to see more of her pictures.

  Also don't forget to go register for some fun prizes HERE .  I have decided to extend Senior Week, so be sure to head over to the link!  You could win gift cards and other fun stuff from Iddy and Oscar's, Poppies, and Starbucks!  In addition to the Starbucks cards, the grand prize is a larger card worth $50!  Don't wait!  Sign up and share.  You can be ANY high school student, not just seniors!

I love Starbucks

I love 90s STYLE, like Hailey has on.  Those were the days.  Haha.

Lebanon TN Photographer | Pageant Headshots

Mattie is in the Miss TN Teen Pageant!!

   Congratulations, Mattie!  I'm so excited that you have been chosen.  Thank you for asking me to do your headshots for the pageant; I think it's one of my new favorite things to shoot. Miss Lebanon Teen USA is a Sophomore at Watertown High School.  This pageant will be in October, and she needs some sponsors! If you're interested definitely get in touch.  I'm happy to be one of them.  Please scroll down to see all of her beautiful headshots.  This girl is gonna win all the pageants.  :)

Here's the website to Miss Teen USA if you'd like to learn more...

Click here