Lebanon TN Photographer | Prom Session

Kamron and Samantha


I love prom season!  All the dresses and excitement.  I did take the prom pictures at the Lebanon High School prom, but I also got to see these two beforehand and take their pictures.  You know I love outdoor photo shoots the best.  The theme was The Great Gatsby, and Samantha definitely looks the part.  There was some silliness going on, too.  Can't be too serious.  Scroll down to see this gorgeous couple of friends.


Lebanon, TN Photographer | Lebanon High School Prom

LHS Prom


You guys!  Prom was SO, SO fun.  Go to the link below for the full set of senior walk and prom photos.  You are welcome to download and share.   Please tag me on social media. If you would like a print, contact me!

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Thank you!  



        Click Here for Prom Photos